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Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015

what this is all about: so far – and coming posts ...

BLOG: The Orcus of Oblivion.

motto: what gleams is born but for the moment's pages. Libertine English / German blog about politics, science and computer stuff by author / poet Bjoern Buxbaum-Conradi aka #sempervirentz

about sempervirentz: born 1981 in Kassel, Germany. Studies of humanities in Trier and Frankfurt am Main. Master's degree with a thesis on Austrian writer Robert Musil. Publication of novellas, short stories and poems.

about ooo: in the ephemeral world we live in the ecstasizing details of life are vanishing into oblivion quicker than light. This blog wants to be more than just a collection of snapshots in time, a sublime ambition of course, but at least an ambition. So look forward to the coming posts.

English articles [as of October 2, 2015]

Articles coming soon
- Tahiti Collection of German Painter Wolfgang Wolff [1909-1994]
- John James Audubon's masterpiece "The Birds of America"
- Review of Philippe Mora's controversial documentary "Swastika" [1974]
- my experiences with hashnest #bitcoin
- perfect image formats and sizes on facebook #png vs. #jpg

German articles / Artikel in Deutsch [Stand: 2. Oktober 2015]
Quo vadis Europa [#Asylproblematik #Fluechtlingspolitik #Integration]

In Kuerze
- Einleitung zu "Wer denken kann, der denke" [ein Buchfragment von bbc und F. Butzbach]
- Wolfgang Beltracchi Tribute Page – worum geht es?

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favourite movie quote: Woody Allen: What are you doing Saturday night? Woman: Committing suicide. Allen: What about Friday night?

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